EDM Party March – Event Visuals Collection Vol.1


Juicy dynamic looped visuals of half-naked sexy girls in fetish costume moving their bodies, swaying hips and showing their best on abstract visuals effects background. A super sexy tall female dressed in a black and white stripped overall, with her face and head covered. A fashionable dress, that shows off her long sexy legs and curved butt. Find her grooving and dancing to music. License-EroticRave-Video-Royalty-Free


Download high-quality nude art VJ clips for live mixing & video projects

All videos from our collections are ready-to-use, easily integrable to any video projects and compatible to all popular video editing software. Clips are encoded in most popular formats and codecs.

erotic rave infographics
Original video art visuals

Exclusive VJ Loops with attractive go-go dancer girls in fetish suits dancing

Post processing effects have been used to create these clips for music events and nightclubs. Perfect clips to add erotic and sensual content to your visual mix. Red and white flashed, deep echo effect and other such graphic effects have been used to enhance the footage of the dancing girl. You can see her sexy long legs and swaying her hips left to right in a smooth rhythmic way. She dances and sets the stage on fire with her sexy figure.

Sexy go-go dancers with naked legs, in high heels and extravagant fetish costumes showing rousing moves on the black background with various contrast and colorful abstract video effects. Seamlessly looped vj clips for the most daring projects. Download original nude art event visuals for video composing, background decorations and VJing by EroticRave.

High quality & resolution

High resolution and frame rate of our vj loops allow using visual content by EroticRave even on the biggest screens or large projections.

Seamless loop

Make an hour-long video for animated decorations and stage backgrounds using flawlessly looped 5 seconds video. Mix it easily with other video effects, using the embedded alpha channel. 

erotic rave infographics

Visual content for the multipurpose use

Big parties and concerts

Looped videos are perfect for animated decorations on big screens, even if we are talking about revealing visual content. Eventually, nude art is Art.

Marketing and Advertising

Such tasty visuals are always good for eye-catching ads. You may use it as separate piece of your project or as video effects for composing.

Online streaming 

Add our visuals to your video stream as a background on green screen, as visual accompaniment to your podcast, during the wait screens or anyhow you wish.

Additional information

Alpha Channel



Dxv, Mov


30 fps




1920×1080 Full HD


3 Gb

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