Classic Ballerina – Green Screen Video Collection Vol.7


A European woman performs Ballet dance moves on camera. She has a slim figure with long legs, a very attractive-looking woman. She moves with grace and finesse. Showing off her sexy long legs and trim figure. Download 26 video footage in 4K resolution and 30 fps. Green Screen ballerinas are dancing over green screen.



Classic Ballet Dancing Woman on green screen

4K video footage of beautiful dancing ballerinas over green screen.
26 stock video clips filmed in ProRes.




30 fps


ProRes Mov


26 videos

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Royalty Free green screen video collection

Download Green Screen Video Footage Collection of dancing ballet girls


Professionally trained, she performs Ballerina moves with rhythm and style. Wearing a white dress with hair slicked back and professional ballet shoes, she looks like a doll house figure. Her moves are fluid, she captures the viewer’s attention with her perfect Ballet moves. Sexy, sensual, rhythmic with the perfect figure. Find a range of clips, with her performing various Ballet dance moves and from different angles.

High quality & resolution

4K resolution (4096 x 2304) and 30 frames per second of our video footage allow using visual content by EroticRave even on the biggest screens or large projections.


Video footage was filmed in professional video studio and prepared for future video post-production. Video Compositing in After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve or Nuke.

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Visual content for the multipurpose use

Big parties and concerts

Looped videos are perfect for animated decorations on big screens, even if we are talking about revealing visual content. Eventually, nude art is Art.

Marketing and Advertising

Such tasty visuals are always good for eye-catching ads. You may use it as separate piece of your project or as video effects for composing.

Online streamingΒ 

Add our visuals to your video stream as a background on green screen, as visual accompaniment to your podcast, during the wait screens or anyhow you wish.

Additional information


4096Γ—2304 4K


30 fps



Alpha Channel





50 Gb

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